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Subject:  Re: PEW study.... Date:  8/12/2021  11:13 AM
Author:  BruceCM Number:  888373 of 888931

But rational people also wear seat belts, because taking unnecessary risks is irrational.

It is?

Ever been sky diving? Race car driving? Rock climbing? Kayaking rapids? Lots of risk here. Is it unnecessary? Irrational? Some might think so while others do not.

Same goes for drinking and driving, because putting yourself and others at risk unnecessarily is also irrational.

Apples and Rutabagas. Driving drunk, like holding up a bank at gun-point, is an illegal act, not one involving the willingness to accept risk.

Which of course leads us to vaccines... and even wearing a mask.

Taking a Vaccine in the prevention of harboring and getting ill from an infectious agent, carries risk, hence is an elective personal choice. Would you wish to live in a country that mandates the annual flu, herpes or pneumococcus vaccine with fines and imprisonment for those not wishing to take the vaccine?

Masks, if worn correctly, can prevent the broadcasting of bacteria and viruses suspended in droplets. Should all individuals be required, for the remainder of their lives, to wear a mask at home and outdoors to ensure the safety of others?

Personal choice is core to our democracy. We elect to put the individual first and allow that person as much freedom as possible, even when others may be at risk for the individuals poor choices. Its the price we pay for individual freedom. The current administration is thinking more like a single-party, centralized government that mandates personal behavior under the guise of 'greater good' when, in fact, like all autocracies, the power-elite craves power and control. Mandating masks when those at risk are others who have also made the election not to wear a mask, is an exercise in power and control, not "protecting the innocent".

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