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Subject:  Ida Date:  9/3/2021  2:11 PM
Author:  AlsoChorizo Number:  15844 of 16305

I had an unusual experience with this storm. Around 0230 on Wednesday I was awoken by thunder. I knew the edge of the storm was going to be entering my area at that time, so it wasn't a surprise. The thing was, this didn't sound like any thunder I had ever heard before. It didn't roll how most thunder does. It was a short boom accompanied by a simultaneous flash. It almost sounded like a canon going off. And it occurred again and again and again and again and again... like the storm was sitting on top of my house. I'm not sure how many times in a row but it went on for approximately 25 minutes. Then the thunder changed to the rolling kind of sound, and that went on for about 45 minutes. We got some rain and wind but it wasn't until the thunder had changed to the rolling kind.

Later during work I found out that a house (about a mile from my house) was struck by lightening and caught fire. At work I was looking at the rainfall totals and the heavy rain kind of split in two and straddled my neighborhood, so I guess we were lucky in that. Granted all the area streams still overflowed and flooded because of all the rain in the region. It looks like MD,PA, NJ and NY got the brunt of it. Makes me wonder if the weird thunder and lightening was the storm intensifying somehow.

AC *it was just so strange*
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