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Subject:  Re: COVID Vaccine and Fetal Cell Lines Date:  9/23/2021  6:18 PM
Author:  albaby1 Number:  888554 of 888931

If that is true, then how come, Most Covid Deaths - 80% - Are Vaccinated people?

I'm not sure where you're getting that from. I think you have your numbers reversed. The report you cite indicates that of 3,679 deaths recorded in Scotland during the vaccination period, fewer than 600 were among vaccinated persons. As noted in the report you cite:

COVID-19 vaccines are estimated to significantly reduce the risk of mortality for COVID-19,
however a small number of COVID-19 deaths are still expected in vaccinated people,
especially in vulnerable individuals where the vaccine or the immune response may not have
been effective. Evidence has shown that vaccination is highly effective in protecting against
death from coronavirus (COVID-19)

So more than 80% of covid deaths in Scotland during the time period analyzed in the report were among the unvaccinated, not the vaccinated.

However, we shouldn't be surprised to see that in heavily vaccinated countries, more vaccinated people will die of covid than unvaccinated. Note that doesn't mean the vaccine doesn't provide massive protection against covid deaths, for the simple reason that if there's many more vaccinated people than unvaccinated people, you'll get more deaths among the vaccinated even if vaccination reduces your chance of death.

For a trivial illustration, imagine a population where about 80% of the country is vaccinated. Even if the vaccine makes you 3x less likely to die of covid, you'll still have more vaccinated people dying than unvaccinated people - because there are 4x more vaccinated people. What matters is the rate of mortality, not the absolute number of deaths, because the population size is different. For Scotland, which has nearly 92% of the overall population vaccinated and almost 100% of the elderly population vaccinated, it is shocking how high the unvaccinated deaths are - because the vaccinated population is more than 9x the size of the unvaccinated population among the overall country and even higher among the elderly.

Fortunately for us, the Public Health Scotland has provided mortality statistics in the most recent version of that same report. They have calculated the mortality rates for the unvaccinated and the vaccinated. For the unvaccinated, mortality rates are about 4.61 per 100K population; for the vaccinated, about 1.09 per 100K.

So according to the agency you're citing, someone who is unvaccinated is four times more likely to die from Covid than a vaccinated person. That's a massive, unambiguous level of protection.

Get vaccinated forthwith!

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