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Subject:  Re: Biden and pals stab border patrol in back. Date:  9/25/2021  8:23 PM
Author:  Bonroy1924 Number:  2363672 of 2381073

But Grumpy, here's where our side screws up - over and over and over. And we need to get past our ideology, past cable networks and past radio hosts.

And, for god's sake "my principles!" "my resolve! "courage of my convictions!" all those Hannity Levin Coulter words - ALL of them.

Cheap labor flooding America is *fine* with Club 401K Liberals - they love it. It makes their standard of living better, as stuff costs less, and serves are more plentiful. It HURTS the working class - and that is precisely what Club 401K wants - they can't stand flyover country, Americans with their kids and fanny packs shopping at big boxes and having a BBQ. Repeatedly- look at this board - you'll see contempt for even things like "rural!" "red meat!" and as a sign of how aloof, OR aggressive they are.....they want non Club 401k'ers - in the Hunger Games. They shout "$15 an hour!!!!" - heck, a majority of the middle class wouldn't get out of bed for $15 an hour - it's a bumper sticker. All these people want - is for a bulk of Americans to get their 15 a week, their pot to smoke, their virtual-reality-Facebook, and they want to turn them into loyal subjects to the crown - - while Club 401K can enjoy corporatism to the max, and make the top 1% pay for their bike paths lol.

Yes, border patrol should phone it in. I still like my idea better - let them "earn money" at the border.


*We protect upper income people - a majority - are LIBERALS!

*We were against ACA Individual Mandates - but that means healthy Millenial Liberals with their arugula forced to buy insurance, and HELP cover people in Red States.

*We should want HIGHER corporate taxes! Why do we protect "woke" corporations so they can turn around and cancel us?

Club 401K talks "fairness" and "wealth gap" but they seeth at the thought of any self sacrifice:

*Why won't they give up 401K tax deferrals that the single low income mom can't afford to contribute? Ditto IRA and 529?

*Why won't they call for taxation of employer provided health insurance? Why should a *huge* perk like that go untaxed?

*Why do they want FICA withholding stopped around $137k? Why shouldn't the college degreed Liberal, making $200k - pay FICA on the remaining $63k of income, while the working class has to pay on 100% of their income?

*How about raise the retirement age? While lowering it for blue-collar Americans who can't do those jobs in older ages?

Raising taxes on people earning $400k? Heck, start at $150k. Sure, this is a Financial Board, Conservatives here, many will be in these brackets but look out there in the real world. Conservatives are the lower incomes - it's Liberals and Club 401K who doesn't care about inflation - because their little stock portfolios grow tax free.

Why we defend people and corporations that cancel us - I never figured out. So I sort of stopped caring. Conservatives are NOTHING where it comes to Entertainment, Public Schools, Colleges, even the Fortune 500. All we got is talk radio, a cable channel, and erectile dysfunction ad sponsors.

Here's to any Border Patrol who "gets paid" and doesn't do his job.

But the. best way to deal with this - is to be AOC on steroids.

Most Conservatives don't like nor agree with what I say - fine - I wish they'd look around and notice - they mean so *little* in the country right now. Eventually Conservatives will need their own NAACP.

Maybe Mr Sharpton will lead us.

*No TMF member is attacked in this post*
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