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Subject:  Checking in and tax question Date:  10/6/2021  12:52 PM
Author:  ChilkatSally Number:  43792 of 43800

Late summer is the best time to be on the Olympic Peninsula. The summer crowds are gone and all of the special destinations are perfectly stunning. I think I’m 73 now I can’t seem to remember how old I am.

I do need to thank all the really big brains I have met here over the years. I can’t believe where I am in life.

I have a tax question for a friend of mine. She said : When my parents died , I inherited a younger brother who is on the spectrum. He didn’t work while he lived with my parents, but did the heavy work allowing them to age in their Alaskan home. Doing so, he wasn’t Contributing to SS. I found him a low paying job and he has been paying me 500.00 a month to help with groceries and utilities. After many years I asked my 3 remaining siblings to give 100.00 a month to his care. Basically I am getting a extra bit of money. 800. I have had him on a section eight housing list for years but they tell me it will likely be another year. Covid has really screwed up movement in this area of housing.

I have not been claiming this money. But I was thinking of calling some of it a gift as it goes through my checking account.

My brothers 500 I have been taking in cash. It generally goes to big Costco run, lawn and pruning services, stuff neither of us do any more.

What should I advise my friend. ??

My home like other West Coast homes has more than double in value. Most homes on my street now sell for the mid 600,000s. It has caused a rapid turnover of homes as the oldsters are taking the money and running. I don’t have anywhere to run to, where the cost of living would be lower then here.
It is also bringing in more gentrification which is hard on our working class locals.

I took 50,000 out of my house, to buy a new car, bed, big tv and few other long deferred items.
I don’t like my new car. It is very smart, smarter tone me. It is a hybrid which I believe was a waste of 8,00 dollars. I don’t get near the sticker mileage. CRT hybrid. Like driving a noisy boat.

I canceled several trips to events in Sesttle. Did go back to Alaska this summer but that is it for leaving the Peninsula.

How is life yor you folks?
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