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Subject:  Middle Class slapped again Date:  10/27/2021  3:47 PM
Author:  Bonroy1924 Number:  2365830 of 2381061

Club 401K is merciless. One wonders, how much of this punishment is intentional, and how much of it is because the Campus Kids don't know squat beyond their outlines and symposiums and non-diverse bubbles. I suspect it's both.

Well, now the Liberals deputized our fine Fast Food Workforce to play health police. Geez.....why not shuttle them from the burger joint after work, to man the TSA checkpoints at the airport? Maybe break some code for the CIA too?

"""A second Northern California In-N-Out is forced to close for violating COVID-19 rules""""

So The Arrogant ones shipped off many industries to China and Mexico, hence these are jobs more and more Americans do - and not just over summer vacation either.

So the Arrogant Club 401K ended Federal Unemployment benefits, forcing people to go to work for Big Business.

So they did it.

NOW, what, they are the health police? Wade has to demand a Covid Card before serving a burger? Yes, I know, to some "papers please" is a dream come true - - and that's fine, I support that because I want the Bill of Rights redone - and GONE and I think the Left is the catalyst for that. But really...trillions spent, and between Democrat California, and Democrat President, and Democrats Congress and Senatee.....ol' Wade is gonna keep us in check vis covid health???? LOL is he also gonna be the doctor at the government run hospital one day?

So another restaurant partially closed. A few less low income people will have a job. A few less lower- and middle income people can go relax and eat in a restaurant.

And Club 401k.....loves it.

Be proud...
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