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Subject:  Re: Weirdly Mixed… Date:  11/8/2021  9:15 PM
Author:  sandyleelee Number:  2366650 of 2381073

I get their frustration. I posted my own rant about Manchin a couple weeks ago. But I do try remind myself that as long as Manchin and Simena are keeping McConnel as the minority leader, that's the most important thing they can be doing.

If we had been able to appeal to more moderate independents for Senate and Congressional seats and get more Democrats elected, we wouldn't have this problem with Manchin and Sinema. Biden was elected because he was a moderate, and didn't scare the pants off the independents. But we ran too many progressives who DID scare the pants off moderate voters, and lost the chance to give Democrats the power to actually stop the fascists in their tracks. Now, we have practically no power to prevent them from the level of gerrymandering and voter suppression which can give the right permanent control of this country.

I get their frustration, but it's clear they don't get mine. They want a bunch of stuff I want, too -- but I want to prevent America from losing our democracy even more. We can get back to raising the minimum wage when we have dealt with this existential and immediate threat. If we fail to prioritize electing Democrats in 2022 over getting our most beloved policies enacted, it won't matter what we put into law today -- the fascists will simply overturn these policies once in power -- and we'll never have a chance to get them back anyway. I find it astonishing that so many Democrats are actually blind to this danger and more concerned with getting parental leave passed NOW than literally losing democracy forever.

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