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Subject:  Re: Nationalize Rental Housing? Date:  11/18/2021  4:56 PM
Author:  JAFO31 Number:  14387 of 14477


<<<I cannot follow whatever point you are trying to make with this statement.

Even if you shrink house sizes, and use less expensive finishes, materials still have a cost.>>>

"Jafo no disrespect to you at all what-so-ever, however it's thinking like above in your first sentence is what keeps us stuck where we are."

How is my not understanding what you are trying to communicate keeping anyone stuck anywhere? It is a simple, factual statement - it is not stopping you or anyone else from doing anything.

"Using your statement simply as an example. I do agree with what you said in the second sentence. Completely logical, factual, makes perfect sense."

Thank you; so some common ground.

"I know there will be a cost and the fact that prices have spiraled beyond what people can afford we "created a solution" called a loan. I'm looking to do the reverse of that. What can we do to rid ourselves of debt and allow a person or family to save for a few years and BUY outright a place to live. It might be smaller, it might be made of some new material not yet invented or widely available. We might have to say to hell with a lot of regulations, spread houses out more so one cannot affect the other should something go wrong - for example a fire. I'm not entirely sure, throwing out what comes to mind."

Spreading houses out requires more land and generally increases cost. To reduce land costs one must use less and become more dense. As inparadise notes in this thread, some localities are trying to abolish SFH zoning so that at a minimum every lot can have two residences.

Of course, there seems to have been little consideration of what that density change would mean n terms of water and sewage capacity, street and parking capacity. more children zoned to a school that is larger, or other changes that will result from increasing density from a SFH on a quarter acre lot.

"If materials and land are so expensive and hard to get a hold of I'd have to say we have too many people and not enough land or people to gather those resources."

So what is the solution - China's one child policy? Let Covid and other diseases run rampant to shrink the population? A World War to decimate a generation? A Malthusian war over food sources? A Hunger Games dystopia?

I hope that someone can solve the issues but I am not sure that most of the USA will like the alternatives.

Regards, JAFO
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