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Subject:  Re: Nationalize Rental Housing? Date:  11/24/2021  8:08 AM
Author:  Bonroy1924 Number:  14391 of 14467

Well reasoned post canonian I enjoyed reading.

I think some of this conversation is philosophical, some is fact and both are fine. I sort of lean to what you say

I can't cite stats like you did ...but in a 'big picture' way, I've always felt that a combination of rising prosperity in poorer nations, coupled with Microfinance for women. Just as personal preference - I don't want the world turn into one big mandatory high-rise. I like people being able to make a choice be it urban, rural, McMansion, Trailer, whatever.

As far as population increase I wonder from a qualitative standpoint: Rising prosperity in poorer nations, plus huge focus on Microfinance for women in said nations. Trends and studies show that as upward mobility and affluence grows, priorities change and perhaps less reproduction takes place - by choice, not fiat. Microfinance - only because it gives women in cultures/countries a leg up, where marriage and reproduction isn't the *only* game in town - and again, upward mobility, education, sometimes seems to go hand in hand.

In the meantime, in my chose metro areas for investments - I'd like nice robust growth :)

But this is just me pontificating. We're all very fortunate that people smarter than me will be on this :)
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