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Subject:  Re: EV Tax Credit Date:  11/27/2021  12:58 PM
Author:  Bonroy1924 Number:  2367943 of 2381073

"I should've been more clear. I wasn't referring to used EV cars in the future (although that's a pretty good point-), but used cars in the now, off-loaded by those using the tax credit to buy new EVs.

Plenty of people have to, or prefer to, buy used."

So, while millions of Americans lack food, shelter, retirement security...... giving $12,500 to someone to buy a car worth upto $80, the way to get people a good deal on a used car? LOL what, is Biden gonna throw in free floor mats too? Does he have to ask his manager permission?

So now, we have upper income Americans, mostly white - getting a lions share of 401K tax benefits, 529, and IRA benefits. Democrats want to give them $80,000 in SALT deductions. BUT WAIT, that's not enough - people who want a car upto $80.000.....will get $12,500 in Democrat money too! Wow, if you're rich and white - vote Democrat for sure.

"I'm helping a working class woman!"

Really? Instead of spending $12,500 on upper income people to buy cars..... if you really are concerned - why not give smaller monies to the people who actually *need* that used car and help them buy it?

Answer: The Campus never thinks about real life, street level. And Liberals, want to help the upper income, and the white -*all* they possibly can.

Right down to free floor mats.

I'd say I"m surprised but I'm not. Slowly ,Dems are coming out of the closet..... the true party of the rich. And of course, the envious too - as a side order that is louder .
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