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Subject:  Re: Future Liberal Playbook Date:  11/28/2021  1:49 PM
Author:  laKitKat Number:  2368012 of 2381073

a problem that has been bubbling up for years but is going to get bloodier as climate change accelerates.

This is one of the biggest threats to the globe we face looking forward

think about it--what exists if there is no water?

we become mars except hotter

the poor and the wealthiest across the globe watch all assets become worthless as only dust comes out of the taps.

hundreds of millions leave homes to find water

and yet, we have to look for workarounds to even begin to work on the issue in any meaningful way and that is just a first small step

2024 will be a watershed moment --another trump presidency may end up as a planet killer

Ethiopia's Dam Raises Possibility of Water Conflict on the Nile

[By Amin Saikal]

The Middle East is one of the driest regions in the world. The scarcity of water has often been touted as a source of national and interstate disputes in the area. Some scholars have predicted for some time the possibility of deadly national altercations and regional clashes over the distribution of water resources in parts of the region. Although no full-blown war has erupted so far, two current episodes illustrate this point: public protests in the Iranian province of Khuzestan and the growing discord between Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan over water dispensation from the Nile River. With climate change causing more droughts, the potential for conflict over water cannot be underestimated.

we are not at war here yet, but clashes between states over the dwindling supply from the Colorado River are accelerating
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