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Subject:  Re: CEO PAY: *Greedy Liberal Legend* Date:  11/30/2021  12:12 PM
Author:  Bonroy1924 Number:  2368152 of 2381073

More personal stuff.

In my post, where did I say nobody can comment? Show me?

Guys who started planning their exit, publicly here - in 2005 :) Because they knew what "U.P" would be facing and doing..... never ever ever whined about CEO pay, or the many many people that have more than him.

Now back to topic which KellyAnne-ism wishes to dodge....

Liberals constantly, recently post about CEOs making so much more than workers.

I've merely pointed out that taking ALL their money, and giving 100% of it to workers - means diddly squat to people's lot in life, and needs on education, retirement, etc.

C'mon stick to reality. Stop the personal stuff, let's try again. 1 for 1 on this thread - you went personal and off topic.

Greedy are those whining about "OTHERS" to pay more tax. Who claim to want less wealth gap - yet favor MULTIPLE policies that protect themselves - and don't do squat for people down below.

Whining about CEO pay- does *nothing* for your country's suffering, angry, shrinking, desperate, afriad middle class.

*Nothing* *Zilch* or as they say in America, "nunca nada"

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