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Subject:  Re: Trump Had No Intelligence Briefings After Ja Date:  11/30/2021  3:38 PM
Author:  Willswill Number:  2368172 of 2381060

She ran for governor of Georgia. She was not the president of the United States.

Seriously??? So it the office that matters and not the deed. Interesting? She was held up for promotion by her party to give the rebuttal to the state of the union address, thus promoting her and her behavior. So you have no problem with that dichotomy?

Do the majority of Democratic congressfolk continue to believe that she was robbed? And does the majority of the Democratic Party believe this?
I cannot know that because I do not know the majority of Democrats, but I can hear their silence as I can hear yours. I can assume with the above statement they were endorsing her behavior. Can you prove otherwise or supply your outrage with old posts? Also, that Hillary request to Biden, no outrage or complaining post?? You are fooling no one about your selective outrage

Is “stacy was robbed!” a rallying cry and loyalty test that all Democrats running for office must recite in order to gain support of the DNC?

So says you. She refused to concede and that is the issue at hand. Fail is on your end. You cop out by saying they are not the EXACT same thing, but the issue IS the same.

Did you criticize Gore for delaying his concession until 6 weeks after the election? Why not? Then again Gore did not have a full court press of phony propaganda by the DNC, Hillary lawyers, upper level FBI, DOJ going along with the paid for "Russian Collusion" scam. Paying a foreigner in a foreign government to make stuff up with a strong knowledge base of informants, who in the end was some kook at the Brookings Institute is a full court press of lying and disinformation over 4+ years. That alone would make anyone doubt the legitimacy of that election. Still, I think he should have conceded but with several caveats citing the Democratic operation against a sitting president. Once proven, that is treason.
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