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Subject:  Re: Congress Eyes Changes to Electoral Count Law Date:  12/4/2021  9:38 AM
Author:  alstroemeria Number:  2368540 of 2381073

seen online:

One of the few upsides of the wildly corrupt trump administration is that it exposed the many serious weaknesses in our laws, how limp and impotent the enforcement has been, and it demonstrated how easy it is for criminal minds to subvert our democracy. It was astounding how badly this nation was damaged in a mere four years by a low life pervert grifter from Queens.

The downside is that if the republicans take back the House/Senate/White House they'll use that information as blueprints for future criminality, and there's no doubt that they'll resist any fixes the democrats propose.


Cue Republicans screeching about a "Democrat power grab!" once they begin to re-write this law. It's always projection with these people.


This reminds me of a gag from a British comedy I saw recently.

Char1: “I have an idea that is so crazy, so insane, that it just might work.”
Char2: “I’d prefer a plan that is so well thought out it couldn’t possibly fail.”
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