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Subject:  Re: Congress Eyes Changes to Electoral Count Law Date:  12/4/2021  11:14 AM
Author:  NessieTheBruce Number:  2368549 of 2381073

Republicans in Congress have repeatedly blocked efforts by Democrats to alter election laws in the wake of the 2020 crisis

Oh Bull[redacted].

The minority party has "repeatedly blocked efforts"? Democrats need to get a grip and stop blaming the GQP for their inability to pass meaningful legislation as the majority party in Washington. They are just as much to blame for this failure of our government as the Republicans. And the Democratic base (mostly the moderate/corporate DEMS) are just as irrational in their blind support of "my party over that other one". If Democrats were confronting their own representatives and blaming them for this disaster instead of sending them campaign funding so they can beat the other side in the next election, we might see some badly needed reform legislation. But as long as Democrats are happy whining about GQP stupidity and lies instead of focusing on fixing the actual problems that are destroying our government, we all lose.

The Republican Party has chosen to blame liberals, minorities and the Press for everything they don't like. That's stupid and non-productive. But Democrats have chosen to blame stupidity and lies of Republicans for everything they don't like. That's just as stupid and non-productive especially when they are in a majority. They have the votes to change it all, but won't.

Everyone needs to face it. Democrats fail to pass meaningful legislation because they are more focused on complaining about the GQP and collecting campaign funding than they are focused on passing reform laws. Dems in majority has not delivered for the American people.
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