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Subject:  Re: What a gun is for Date:  12/10/2021  5:04 PM
Author:  1poorguy Number:  139120 of 139644

...Lanza fired 154 rounds in less than five minutes...

Yeah, back in the late 18th century you were really good if you could get off 2 shots per minute (muzzleloader). As I recall, they often had teams so one was reloading while the other fired, increasing the shots/min slightly. The self-contained cartridge wasn't invented until 1845 by a Frenchman (don't recall his name, but I saw a documentary several months ago). So the only weapons were muzzleloaders.

So, yeah, that was gun-nut malarkey you were quoting. Utterly ridiculous.

Wasn't aware of the Militia Acts of 1792. That was interesting. Don't know if I would want to be required to own a firearm, though. (I'm a white landowner, though only less than an acre.)

Also, I recall reading in the Federalist Papers that there was mention of hunting, so it wasn't exclusively for purposes of the militia. But the wording does seem to make the inability to restrict ownership contingent upon the state's need to raise a militia. Since that doesn't happen anymore, government should be able to restrict as it likes. Especially the state governments, for whom that amendment was written anyway (i.e. they feared "federal overreach").

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