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Subject:  Re: 'I have a right to protect my property&# Date:  12/29/2021  8:08 AM
Author:  voelkels Number:  18184 of 18410

Where in God's name do these people live?

Spanaway, about 45 miles south of Seattle Washington if you had read the article.

As I have said before, I have literally lived in the same town and neighborhood for over 50 years. Never once in my memory, since I was a kid, has anyone ever tried to kick in someone's door anywhere around here.

Maybe you have been lucky or maybe your memory isn’t too good. We have lived in a subdivision about 4 miles east of the village in an area with a number of horse farms between us and the village for the last 32 years. Since we have been here, someone robbed JR’s gas station/store, stole the safe and killed the clerk about 25 years ago. That case has never been solved.

6 or 5 years ago, I noticed a police helicopter circling around our neighborhood and a number of sheriff’s cars on our street. There was one parked in our driveway so I went up to it and asked what was going on. It seems that someone broke into the house of the farm to the west of us. He was chased off by the owner and the cops were looking for him. Since the house is about a mile from the main road and only one way out, the perp wasn’t too smart, IMHO. I don’t know if they nabbed that turkey.

3 or 2 years ago, an illegal alien broke into a house in a subdivision on the other side of the village while the owners were out. They noticed the damage to the door, called 911 and the sheriff arrested him. There probably is lots of stuff going on around your town that isn’t reported to the news unless someone is seriously killed. I picked up some of it from Scott at the Village Barber Shop when he cuts my hair and from Larry, our neighbor across the road when he was a reserve sheriff’s deputy. I’m not paranoid but I got a .380 next to my Lazy-boy, a S&W 629 on the stairs going up to “the gun room” and a 12-gauge pump gun in the bedroom closet next to the safe with rubber buck in the chamber and #1 buck in the magazine.

C.J.V. - only had to use the shotgun once a few years ago on a pesty coon, me
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