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Subject:  Argh! Date:  1/6/2022  11:59 PM
Author:  jeffbrig Number:  37446 of 37456

You guys will totally get this...

I picked up several games with Epic's year end sale. The entire Tomb Raider collection was free. Witcher 3, Cyberpunk, and Control all at reduced prices, and a coupon. I paid $40 total for all of these. Note the trend? All ray tracing enabled.

I finally got an rtx3080 a couple of months ago, and it's been in my powerhouse PC that I built a little over a year ago. So I'm finally downloading these games this week to check it out and see if ray tracing and DLSS at 4k are as good as everyone says.

So I start playing Shadow of Tomb Raider - 4k, everything maxed out. DLSS on high quality. It's gorgeous... I had this on the Xbox a few years ago, but on the PC - WOW. I get through the first temple.

Then, at about the 2hr mark, the screen goes solid green and the PC has locked up. Reboot - nothing. EZ Bios LEDs on the mobo say it's a VGA problem. Won't boot. I pull the 3080 and boot on integrated graphics. Then I swapped a GTX 1650 super into the PCIe slot, and it boots too. I put the 3080 back in - nope, won't boot.

Looks like it's dead.

Just glad I waited to get it at retail, so I should be able to do a warranty claim...
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