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Subject:  Re: Five myths about the filibuster Date:  1/18/2022  1:54 AM
Author:  laKitKat Number:  2372208 of 2381068

Myth No. 4
Keeping the filibuster now will preserve it in the future.

The implication is that if Democrats grit their teeth and keep the filibuster as is, Republicans will exercise the same restraint when they recapture the majority. But recent history offers no evidence that the GOP would be constrained by tradition

McConnell will change it the minute he doesn't get his 60 votes whipped for whatever piece of malfeasance and shiznit the GOP comes up with that needs to get through. In a freaking heartbeat

Sinema is either a completely empty shell with no real agenda or a very effective GOP operative that got elected with a fraudulent vote. Did we check the ballots? Is Doug Logan still available.

Makes me long to have Jeff Flake back

Apparently she sprang denovo from the forehead of Zeus after Mitch declared SCOTUS picks were not allowed in an election year and then(if she had been sentient) get to watch Barrett sail through on a filibuster suspension allowing a simple majority to shove her through after Americans were voting for in the 2020 elections.
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