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Subject:  Re: Come and Take It Date:  1/19/2022  11:20 AM
Author:  rope2feet Number:  18231 of 18410

That's the job for professionals. His time would have been better spent helping at a V.A. hospital, assisting the real Patriots in this country.

From what I understand, the police were told to stand down and let the leftist rioter thugs do whatever they wanted.

Regarding a better use of his time, I thought he did a great job of sending a message to leftist rioter thugs that if they should attack private citizens at future riots, they might suffer a similar fate as the thugs that attacked him. I'd say that was time well spent for the safety and security of the general populace.

You're just angry that a private citizen protected his life from leftist rioter thugs in a completely legal manner and was vindicated in a court of law...go pound sand ICF.

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