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Subject:  Re: notice Date:  1/22/2022  9:46 PM
Author:  Howie52 Number:  105976 of 107753

"For me, it's a matter of advancing a retirement planned for June 2023 to June of this year or perhaps sooner. I was 70 on my last birthday so no one will question retirement, and if the MRD age hadn't been increased I would already have planned to retire this year.

It's normal in my field to give about six months of notice, because hiring is usually from a national pool of applicants who are tied to contracts. In this case, I'm pretty sure, however, that they will try to hire someone local, with no particular qualifications (I have a graduate degree in the field). The work environment has turned toxic and dangerous to me, and I'm not sure that I can survive until June, so I'm looking at February 28. "


Couple of points -
1) Normal to give 6 months notice. What would the employer give you as far as notice of layoffs?
2) You are 70 - you are OK to retire whenever you please
3) Hiring a replacement. You can always tell the powers that be that you are willing to come
back to help train a replacement - for a suitable fee or stipend.
4) Toxic or dangerous work environment - enough said even if the view is not shared by anyone else
suffering through the problems.
5) February is an absolutely wonderful time to retire. January is OK too. March is known for making
transitions to retired life a good process. April works well for stopping work. May is known to be
truly a growing time for retired folks. June allows you to enter retirement in a warming time.
July - well what can be wrong about retiring in mid-summer? August is especially heart-warming for
retiring. September gets the fall-off from work-a-day life off to a rousing start. October lets
you take a good close look at just how colorful retirement can be. November is pretty snazzy
across the board. And December lets you fully appreciate winter in all it's glory without
worrying about getting called into work on icy or snow-covered streets.

I heartily recommend retired life - just in case you had any doubts
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