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Subject:  Re: Reasons not to travel Date:  4/23/2022  5:12 PM
Author:  MisterFungi Number:  12921 of 12937

My reasons for avoiding travel are these...

If you don't choose to travel, that's fine. But your reasoning is a bit off. We're planning a trip to Europe, probably next month. We just returned from Hawaii. We're not idiots.

Airports have huge air volumes, which is what matters. It's not difficult to sit in uncrowded waiting areas. We do it all the time. And wear your N95 mask.

Airplane air is exchanged roughly every 15 minutes and run through HEPA filters. Keep your mask on. Don't eat/drink at the same time as everyone else. We flew from Hawaii to Michigan last week. No problems.

It's not difficult to eat healthily if you don't buy/eat processed stuff. We've been vegetarians for 50 years. Haven't eaten fast food in decades. Haven't eaten in an indoor restaurant of any kind in 2+ years. Yet we travel all the time. Amazing? Not really.

These days, many hotels don't even provide maid service unless you request it. When we stay at a hotel for more than 1 night, we put the Do Not Disturb sign on the door and simply exchange towels and put out trash as needed. We've done that for many years, all over the world. I can make my own bed, thanks. If we're staying more than ~4 nights, we typically rent an apartment. Either way, open the windows. We've also done that for many years.

Yes, there's some risk you can test positive. But most airlines provide no-fee changes. And you can use an in-home test to check yourself a few days before departure (at either end) to minimize sudden surprises.

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