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Subject:  Re: chatter, musings & bs Date:  6/3/2022  2:32 AM
Author:  5thhorseman Number:  10055 of 10093

Hey Raptor, great post! We are all on our own unique investing journey and thank you for giving us a glimpse into yours!

I was drawn to Saul's board not due to his results. In fact, in the first few months of reading his board I was trying to figure out whether it was just some elaborate scam. I decided it wasn't but I was still put off by the cultish feel, though I did transform my portfolio to a Saul-style one over the next 6 months. I saw Saul's philosophy as a natural extension of the Fool's LTBH approach. On steriods, I guess lol. No seriously, I honestly read his philosophy / knowledgebase and saw the truth in it. I still do.

In true Saul-style I need to continue to acknowledge the truth. Admit mistakes and take corrective action right away. This is the "know thyself" part of investing. Don't fool yourself.

The truth may be that perhaps multiple were way overblown and they will never get back to that level ever again. Perhaps I shouldn't hold on to the most beaten-down stocks like MNDY in the hope that they will recover all they lost. That time is gone. Is it a good investment now?

Saul's last month-end review had a change in format, but also a change in focus. Saul really focussed on profitability metrics for the first time. I think he even mentioned EPS a few times. This is what I have been doing as well. Goodbye MNDY and S. Never did like NET. Keep DDOG, ZS. Re-entered CRWD. I also bought some GOOGL as I'm frequenting the BRK board more often now.

I'm evolving and hopefully for the better.
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