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Subject:  Re: If You're Looking for a Backtesting Prog Date:  6/24/2022  9:33 AM
Author:  Arindam Number:  4330 of 4393


Yes, I miswrote CCI as CCC. Sorry for the confusion. Yes, StockChart's default parameter for CCI is a lookback of 20. But that number is/was just the programmer's guess--as are the (12,26,9) defaults for MACD-- that aren't always useful or a good fit they they could be. To see this, set up a template with whatever indicator strikes your fancy and whatever defaults it comes with and then chart a couple hundred stocks or ETFs, looking to see how good its signals are. What you'll find yourself wanting to do is to tweak the indicator one way or another to make the signals crisper or more accurate. But that also leads to the craziness of curve fitting for specific cases and losing 'robustness', a technical term that means, "good enough, close enough, most of the time".

Right now, I'm not running a trading system. I'm still in the process of building one. Nor am I doing much trading. Yeah, a couple weeks ago, I did 30 intraday round trips (or whatever the number was) and on a yearly basis, I probably make 500 trades. But those are tiny money trades, done more to see if they can be done than "to make money". Quill's a 'trader'. I'm just a 'hobbyist trader' who values what Technical Analysis can do to help manage 'risk'. But my interest in TA and systems building goes back 30 years, and I've got a lot of hours and dollars invested in programs like MetaStock, OmniTrader, CandlePower, and --more recently-- StockAnalyze. The hassle and downside of systems trading is that it takes more discipline than I've got. You're up a hour or so before market open, doing your preps. You're on a screen all day. After close, you're doing follow-ups. Weekends are more back-office work. It's a more than full-time job whose purpose is to make more money than I need.

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