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The Fool: What lesson do you wish you’d learned ten years ago?
TMFGilla: That time in the market is what counts... compounding is a wonderful phenomenon. Oh, and that management can be the difference between good and great.
The Fool: What was your first educational exposure to investing?
TMFGilla: I was fortunate enough to have a high school Economics teacher - Mr. Barnett - open my eyes to the power of compound interest and the world of shares
The Fool: Tell us about Your Dumbest Investment... and the lesson you learned from it.
TMFGilla: Easy, but painful. A few years ago now, I bought some shares on little more than the recommendation of someone I respected, but without doing any due diligence. The shares promptly crashed, so I sold out just as promptly. You guessed it - the shares rallied to multiples of my sell price. I might have made the same mistake by myself, but at least it would be my mistake. The lesson is to always do your own research - on both the buy and sell decisions - to make sure the trade is for you
The Fool: Is there a public figure that inspires you?
TMFGilla: Warren Buffett's success and generosity of spirit. Jeff Bezos' long term focus and relentless drive. John Mackey, for successfully combining the 'what' and the 'how'. Frank Lowy's ground-up success, despite (or perhaps because of) his background
The Fool: What's been your best investment to date, and how did you discover it?
TMFGilla: Quite genuinely, the Fool itself. I stumbled across this strangely named website in an article in the Sydney Morning Herald, and discovered a trove of information, education and investment philosophy that has been instrumental in my investing journey to date
The Fool: Do you have a favorite company or stock which the worldwide Foolish community should know about -- and why?
TMFGilla: As an Australian Fool, I have to confess a soft spot for two Australian retailers, Woolworths and Oroton. Both businesses are getting it done, and building sustainable businesses with great cultures (Disclosure: I own shares in both businesses)
The Fool: List some of your favorite websites, with commentary where appropriate. (Please provide the URLs, too.)
TMFGilla: Shameless plug for the Australian site - www.fool.com.au - bringing Foolishness Down Under! smh.com.au for quality news and views, afr.com.au for in-depth business reporting and hbr.org for views and research
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