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The Fool: If you could be the CEO of any public company, which one and why?
Winning19: Metro PCS, A cellular company, I'd like to be CEO because of the demand on cell phones and, ingenuity, and competitive rates, amenities
The Fool: What has been your best work experience, and what made it so great?
Winning19: I currently work with troubled adolescents, i enjoy speaking with the youth, giving different avenues to counteract the path they are currently on, I like listening to them because we all need someone who takes interest in our thoughts.
The Fool: Tell us about your greatest personal success, not necessarily finance related.
Winning19: My kids are a personal success for the last 20 years. I haven't had a chance to go after my goals per say. I'd start then stop, but definitely the encouragement that i receive from my kids.
The Fool: In what way would society be different if bears had become the dominant sentient species?
Winning19: LOL, i'm not sure. Bears seem to be somewhat intelligent, but I don't think they were designed to work, create,cook, clean, etc, lol
The Fool: What's been your best investment to date, and how did you discover it?
Winning19: I haven't made any investments yet. My goal is to educate myself, begin networking and see what's the best investment path for me to take.
The Fool: Do you have a favorite company or stock which the worldwide Foolish community should know about -- and why?
Winning19: no Not currently.
The Fool: List some of your favorite websites, with commentary where appropriate. (Please provide the URLs, too.)
Winning19: I'v only been gathering information from Stock Adviser thus far. I'd love to incorporate more for educational purposes.
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