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A few more games that come to mind:

Broforce - This is an old school 2-D side scrolling shooter with pixelated graphics and some personality, best played co-op instead of solo. You get a random character each time you're revived, and each character is a take on an old action film character such as "Rambro" or "Brommando" with its own unique weapons and powers. You will die A LOT in this game, but even that is part of the fun as there are many interesting and spectacular ways to die. There is a lot of shooting, exploding, and cartoony blood in this game, so stay away if that's a concern. However, there are some neat bosses, and playing co-op allows you to rescue each other periodically to bring partners back into the game. This is nice with kids because as long as you can stay alive for a little while you can bring the kids back into it without restarting a level from the beginning.

Portal Knights - This is a 3rd person rpg/adventure game where you complete quests, defeat bosses, and build portals to the different worlds. You can be the standard Warrior/Wizard/Ranger type of classes and there is also a big Minecraft type component in that you can break any blocks in the game environment and use them to craft items for your character to use. You move up in levels and strength as you gain xp, increase your stats, and craft new gear with many different ingredients and crafting tables. Again the co-op shines here as you can play with the kids or they can start characters to play with each other. It's also pretty kid friendly because the consequences for dying are very mild. We started this one recently so we aren't too far into it, but so far so good.

Magicka 2 - This is a 3rd person action game where you're a mage who can cast many different spells using different button combinations that represent the different elements. You walk around the world fighting many different enemies that have different weaknesses and resistances, so you have to switch up what you're using as you go when it comes to the spells. There are some simple puzzles to solve, but it's not an open world where you wander around. It's pretty much a single path through each of the levels with bosses at the end of many of them. Again this one is much more fun in co-op as you can heal, hurt, and revive your companions. The battles get pretty crazy and crowded, meaning that you will find many ways to accidentally kill your friends or yourself as you scramble to avoid enemies and cast the correct spells for the situation. For example, if you walk through water and then try to activate a lightning spell, you hurt (and likely kill) yourself. The campaign has a humorous tone to it and doesn't take itself too seriously. We had a blast with this one and still pull it back out to play on occasion.

I thought of a couple more while typing this one up, so I'll probably do one more post to finish up from my end.

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