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Take a look at IMMU
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Schwab offers MACD x-overs as part of its stock scanning menu, as does StockCharts. The results pretty much agree. To vet the list, I'm using this setup.

If an 'investment' were intended, I'd dig into financials. But these are 'trades'.
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re: MACD
re: zero (0) line

re: IMMU chart where the PMO is showing 26,12,9. Is that correct? Freestock does not have a PMO. Will have to check my PMO stockcharts scanning tool.

How are you doing with the MACD's. They are saving my butt since the first week of October.

I pulled all of my Alfa portfolio stocks (9 of them) and turned around and bought the inverse stocks: spxs, sds, qid, dxd, fxp.

My second panel MACD 12 26 18 is working like a charm. As the MACD crosses up and over the zero (0) line heading North, I am in. And when it goes south over the Zero (0) line, I sell eg....AMZN, SPXL.

I made the white line oh so lite to where the cyan line stands out nicely.

Bought FXP on 10/5/18 at 75.50 and today it is at 82 and change.

I run my three scans, CCI 20 first, then run MACD 12 26. then run then the 52 week high and going higher for a quick 2.5 - 3 percent profit.

Notice that the CCI 20 is ahead of the MACD 12 26 buy a few days. Then the MACD pops over the zero line. and then the 13/50 crossover appears the next day or 3 days later.

I believe our friend John, finally got it when it comes to the purchasing of the MACD's. Every day for a week I have been sending him stocks with all kinds of tests as to when to buy, sell or do nothing. He caught on when the stock is already around the first turn and not to chase the freaking stocks.
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I'm doing nothing in markets besides rolling Treasuries while I wait for the real correction to begin. Yeah, I could be trading short. But I just don't need the money and would rather be thinking about building boats. Glad the MACD system is working out for you.

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Take a look at the speeded up version of PMO.
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