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A Mexican, an Indian, an Iraqi, and an American are talking about their most enduring and horrifying experiences.

The Mexican says, "Back at my home in Mexico, we were really poor. Me and my brother had to sell drugs just to stay alive and keep our family fed. We were forced by the cartel to do runs for them or else they would threaten to kill us. I can't imagine anyone with a harder experience than what I had to go through."

The Indian steps in and says, "I think I can top that. Back in India, crime isn't just the problem, the government is really corrupt. I remember my parents were killed in an industrial accident. The amount of compensation I got was virtually zero. I had to make a living as an employee making only 160 rupees an hour! I can't imagine anyone with a harder experience than what I had to go through."

The Iraqi says, "At least you had a job AND a government. After everything fell apart in Iraq, it was the most unsafe I had ever felt in my life. Terrorists killed our family, and we were running for our lives from a war zone. Everywhere we looked, there were bodies on the streets! After things quite down, I literally had no roof over my head. Me and my sister were on our own. The fact that we made it through was anything short of a miracle. If that isn't a hard experience than, then I don't know what is!"

Everyone is nodding their heads until they go look at the American who is sobbing uncontrollably.

"Well? What's your horror story?" they ask.

The American wipes is face and says "I worked at McDonalds for 30 years..."
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We have a winner.
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