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This is a list of morg's all time greatest sayings since visiting the qcom board. It had me in stitches going back and reading all the old posts. You gotta go through it!!

I must say one thing though, holy f%^k you post alot morg.

Raz (enjoy morg, we've all enjoyed your work this year)

I think the first rule should be analysts don't know as much as they think they do.

Oh what the heck do I know.

Well DUH! I'm sorry.

This is truly the microsoft of the wireless arena.

I am long on Maria

So good in fact that I did a little dance but don't tell my wife she will think I went soft.

I have a very slow learning curve sorry.

Standin tall and lookin good.

My mind may soon blow.

It seems to me that QCOM will prevail and those who deny it are just whinning and have CDMA/HDR envy.

MORG long, short, and in the middle

Can someone please buy a few million shares and get this stock moving.


I think most of you understand this and I enjoy soaking in all the knowledge on this board.


Red hot and rollin.

Acutually I am hearing dollar signs.

Ya baby that what I am talking about. Lets get this party started. everybody say HO OH!! say HO HO. Sorry I drank a whole pot of coffee this morning.

Another reason I am still a bull.


Be patient grasshopper.

And I like to think of myself more like a chowder head:)

But what the heck do I know:)

This baby is about to explode.

Sorry for the Waxing.

Soon your cell phone wil baby sit your kids too.

Can someone e-mail me a tylenol?

come to papa.

Now back to bed I am sicer than a dog.

I got more but I got to go feed the kids. Sorry.

DO you here it? The train is rollin down the tracks. The money train. WHOO WHOO!!!!

OOOHHHH!! it feels so good to be right.

Hello Nokia! Wake up! The world is passing you by!

My fotune cookie predicts much revenue for QCOM. I suddenly have the craving for egg foo yung.

The only gap I know about is the large one between my ears :)

Just put your arms in the air and wave um like you just don't care!! Everybody say hoooo hooo say ho ho.

I wonder if I could put a CDMA chip in my cat?

OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH! Lightbulb! Eureka! I thought I saw a puddy tat!

Show me the money. Get on down with your bad self.

The chances of Nokia actually buying QCOM I can demonstrate with this blowtorch and this snowball.

Tommorrow Tommorrow I love ya tommorrow you're only a day away. I hate that sappy crap. MORG but you can call me Annie.

As the wise Mr. Miagi once said "wax on, wax off"


I am home alone with my three kids this weekend. SOMEBODY SEND HELP OR AT LEAST JACK DANIELS.

Thank you for the time to break it down so that all us chowderheads can understand it.

livin large but my wife is still in charge.

MORGIE no likie.

I fart in your general direction. Oh I am so sophmoric.

GSM= gutwrenchingly slow motion.

Morgman8 is a sagatarious and likes to drink beer in his spare time.

Someone needs to pull said head out of said butt.

Remember when Nokia finally breaks down and signs on with the Mighty QCOM I will do a dance in your honor.

Morgman8 of the Motley Fool message boards today stated that he thinks Egg foo Yung is much more likley to be on his plate this year vs. Chow mein. This is a reversal of earlier reports that Morgman8 had chosen Chow Mein. Morgman8 states that he hasn't ruled out Chow Mein and states that he may eat that later this year but feels Egg Foo Yung, an inferior meal is the right choice currently. As a result orders for Egg Foo Yung are down 10% today. MORG

Oh by the way I sold the farm and bought more QCOM at 71 the other day.

I already have been dancin all morning and am in fear of throwing out my hip.

The Morgman stands up, looks around and sees no one is there. He pulls the vinal from its case and puts it on the turn table. One more look around and then>>>>> AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH DO THE HUSTLE!!!

The Morgman stands on the disco floor and strikes a pose that would make the stongest man shrink. The music starts and then...... AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH do the hustle!!!!

MORIGE Mambo #1

Remember we are only in the Third inning according to Dr. J. Back up the truck and continue to load up baby.


I am now taking my foot out of my mouth. Hey I love you guys.

wow this guy is a fart smeller oh I mean smart feller.

What What is that in the back of the room......
A small rukus begins in the back of the room.
Dr. J>>> Sir do you have a question.
MORGMAN8>> No sir I wanna dance!!!!
Everybody say HHHHOOOOO OH. Just put your hand in the air and wavem like you just don't care.

This seem obvious to me. I could continue but my kids are hungry.

It is just a matter of time. TICK TICK TICK.

Wow you guys have convinced me. I am going to sell it all. This company has no future. The world will be GSM.

I like the part about QCOM making lots of money!!

Very nice. It is all going according to my plan. Ha ha ha ha ha!!!! I will rule the world!!

Oh Nokia where for art thou>> he he he he!!

It was Paul Jacobs who said it. When he said it I broke into a MORGIE shuffle and my kids looked puzzeled.

I may be full of shi* but listen to the interview I think I have Dr. J on my side.


I just wet myself

I'm giggling like a schoolgirl. HEE HEE HEE!!

Oh Rat OH Rat say it aint so.
If it goes that low my gallbladder could blow.
MORG(a poet and did'nt know it.)

Oh well if the chowderheads want WCDMA QCOM will build them a chip, or should I say Sinco will.

Hey gotta change my shorts.

Sorry my man but I have swore off MORGIE shuffle until we go over 70. It is very hard to contain the irrational exhuberance that I am feelin. The MORGIE shuffle isn't just a dance my friend. It is a part of the greater MORGMAN. I can only hold it back with great quantities of Jack and long cigars. OOOHHH it is killin me but I shall persevere.

So it seems we have all invested in a bad penny. I am tired of this crap. I can't wait to do a MORGIE shuffle on crammers head.

MORGIE>>> Hi my name is MORGIE and I,I,I, OK I own QCOM.
Group leader>> Good MORGIE the first step is admitting that you have a problem. Now go on tell us your story.
MORGIE>> Well It all began one night on the early this year, oh around january when I bought my first few shares of QCOM. Oh it felt sooo good I new I would soon be rich and could persue my dream of becoming a disco dancer because ya know I love to dance. I even went out and bought several very expensive sequined polyester busta move suits. Oh I was lookin good. Well next month rolled around and my beloved QCOM had slipped just a bit so I just new that this was a bargain, and i knew I didn't have a problem, so I just bought a few more shares.
LEADER>> what do you mean you did not have a problem? Morgie do not go into denial. You love QCOM don't you? Go on MORGIE.
MORGIE>> well each month went by and each month QCOM was cheaper than the previous month soooooooo I just kept on buyin baby, confident in my DD, and shufflin with every new press release.
LEADER>> Where is QCOM today Morgie. Where is your beloved QCOM now?? How fitting it is that your stock has hit rock bottom with you don't you think. QCOM sucks and so does CDMA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.......
MORGIE>> wait a minute i recognize that voice. Jorma is that you?? It is, you have that crappy nokia phone.
The room of people rises with glazed stares and begins to chant....GSM GSM GSM GSM. FUD FUD FUD FUD.
The MORGMAN jumps to his feet and rips the mask from the face of the leader to reveal it was trully Jorma in drag trying to shake the MORGMAN. But now what, the crowd is closin in, MORGIE begins to cry, oh I mean MORGIE begins to flex and look cool. Suddenly out of the skylight above comes a tall masked man with the name TRUTH printed on his chest. He throws me a Brand new Samsung CDMA enabeled phone. instantly the crownd gasps and hides there eyes and Jorma melts away. The crowd runs in terror and i am saved. The masked man jumps back through the skylight. I call to him... mister what do people call you?? They call me Dr. J. Have patients my child all will become clear soon and the victory will be ours. don't be shaken You have made the right choice so trust your DD MORGMAN. Oh and one more thing MORGIE can you teach me the shuffle?? So the MORGMAN went away from that expierence a new man confiendent in every way. Ready to Shuffle his way to the bank. MORG
But the truth is the MORGMAN is a big softy and all about warm and fuzzys so if it is alright with you I may bust a move from time to time.

OO OO OO OO OO OO OO OO OO the MORGMAN sleeps tonight. Ah wimba wamba wimba wamba wimba wamba wimba wamba wimba wamba wimba wamba.

We are not worthy!!!


Now I am off to eat some Ramen noodles.

A Sphicter says what............

I WILL RULE THE WORLD HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.(sometimes I scare myself)

MORGIE just wet himself

He he he he he he giggle giggle giggle. MORG(shakin not stirred)

Oh crap up 4. Just wet the polyester. Never fear I will make an emergency run to the cleaners and have it back by the close. Did I mention I am giggling like a school girl.

I can wait no more.

The music is bumpin at club Q tonight. Bodies are jamin and the DJ is slammin. All was as it should be that fatefull night. Could people really be unaware? Could they have no clue? Bud or Budlight?(oh wrong story). I know I had no idea. How could I possibly know? One thing is for sure I would never be the same again. That is, never the same after I saw him.....

The darkness is split by the opening of a door in the back of the club. The music stops and an errie hush falls over the crowd of pary goers. The dance floor clears and it was then that I had a clear view of him. There he was, a tall, handsome, man in a sequined, polyester, disco suit. A chill went down my spine. He was almost angelic as he sparkeled there under the disco lights. I stood in awe of a man with a 4ft. high fro and 30 pounds of gold chains around his neck. Who was he??? Then it happened. He began to walk to the dance floor. He strode with the a cockiness seen only in QCOM shareholders. The crowd began to chant. "ooooo MORGIE don't hurt em, don't hurt em." The crowd seemed to know this fellow. He strode to the middle of the dance floor and ripped the shirt from his body and stuck a pose. "oooooo MORGIE don't hurt em, don't hurt em." Shirtless now i could plainly see his I LOVE Dr. J tattoo on his right shoulder and the 3inch thick carpet on his chest. This was a manley man to say the least. He lifts his hand and the crowd is silenced....... YO PARTY PEOPLE!!!!! QCOM IS OVER 70 AND MORGIE IS IN THE HHHHHOOOOOUUUUUSSSSSEEEEE!!!!!! PUT YOUR HANDS UP, I SAY PUT YOUR HANDS UP, PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR AND WAVIN LIKE YOU JUST DON'T CARE. EVERYBODY SAY HO OH SAY HO HO. This man could not be human for no mere mortal could move his hips the way he did. It was almost like he had bionic hips the way he did the bump and grind. I SAY BUMP IT TO THE LEFT AND NOW TO THE RIGHT, PUMP IT STRAIGHT AHEAD AND SHOUT DYNOMITE!!!!! I must say that the event was near orgasmic and I will never be the same.

come to papa.

Did you think the speedo made my butt look big???

Got this off SI. Makes me very giddy. I haven't moistend the shorts yet.

I think however that my sphincter may never be the same but I am a better man for it.

However I went with a CDMA2000 MSM5100 chipset in my sphincter. It has better throughput. MORG(El Grosso)

Well I have been a bit gaseous today.

The MORGMAN is no longer brewin. He took some Beano and is no longer gaseous. MORG(El Grosso)

In the words of John Melancamp.... The walls, come tumblin down, the walls, come tumblin tumblin doowwwwnn!!!

I love the night life, I love to buggie!! Thanks Rat I feel all warm and fuzzy. You always know just what to get the MORGMAN. I feel awkward though I didn't get you anything

Push me higher daddy!!! HIGHER HIGHER HIGHER!!!!

Scotty I don't care how you do it but we need warp 10 so shut the $@#$#%$ up and juice it baby!! MORG(liven warp 10 in a warp 1 world.)

did I mention that I am gettin on down with my BAD self. OOOOO MORGIE don't hurt em, don't hurt em. I am gearing up to go on a I TOLD YOU SO tour. Anybody else want to go??

We are up on something else perhaps?? Or perhaps not. well I Know one thing we either go up or down from here. MORG(fart smeller, I mean smart fellar)

BA HA BA HA, LOL LOL, Ya right

Some people have said that I was a real Fart smeller, I mean smart feller. Oh that joke was really crappy, I mean it really stunk. MORG(sophmoric and lovin it.)

Sorry Post police. My mistake. Hey loosen the shorts I am not in the mood today.

Anyone see what qualcomm did today? Ah probably up on all the good news. I guess I wont check it today. Fa la la la fa la la fa la la. MORG

Fantasy land HUM..... Smiles everyone, smiles. I am your host Mr. Rork. Boss the plane, the plane. Oh crap thats fantasy island. Sorry CHAP, you big meenie.

I am DESTROYED!!!! no wait a minute... I'M BACK!!! In the words of a wise sage... Just another manic friday(oh crap, or is it monday.) Ah who cares pass the Haldol.

No I take that back I have lost it. I am coo coo for coco puffs.

The only crack I have I am sittin on. MORG(sophmoric and lovin it)

but hey I spend hours studying this stuff. OH I am such a visionary

MORG(loser with no life, small bladder, nice butt but slightly gaseous,sophmoric, goin in to have his gallbladder yanked, disco maniac with hips of fire, QCOM lover, Great American.)

I just wet myself. Damn. MORG(loser with small bladder)

Siamese cat got my tounge. Aren't they from China? Nah everythings fine just sitting here eating a bowl of ramen noodles while practicing my Ti Chi. I think I will rent the Karate Kid tonight. I just had a feeling about this week.... I guess you could say, in the words of Boston, It was more than a feeling

The only gap I am trying to fill is the one between my ears.

But you know I am blind and not to mention a little numb upstairs.

I feel all warm and fuzzy. Well at least warm I think I wet myself. Damn! MORG(Enquiring minds want to know)

MORG(peudointelectual with bad hair in search of a life)

Im sorry. I meant everything i said in a very carring and compasionate way with no angst directed toward Jorma or Nokia. I love all people. Tra la la tra la la. The birds are singing a new song. Screw it YOU BETTER WAKE UP NOKIA THE MIGHTY Q IS ROLLIN DOWN THE TRACKS ABOUT TO RUN YOU DOWN. Crap did I say that out loud??? Those dan voices again...AAAAHHHHH!!!!

In the immortal words of ACDC...I'm ba a a ack, ba a a ack, Ya Im back in black, ya i'm back in black. Cut loose from the noose, can't keep me hangin around. Im just lookin at the stoplight, its makin me high. Forget the hearse cause I'll never die.(lyrics used by permission and solely for the purpopses for being wierd.)

What? Am I in Bizzarro world? MORG

Woo Hoo!!! I'm silly I tell you silly. Coo coo for coco puffs. HE HE HE HA HA HA HA.

I may be a bit physco but I remain a fool

Mogie no likey down markie. Want markie go upy.

Come on don't bore me with all these million dollar deals. MORG(sleepless in Oregon)

MORG(livin 3G in a 2G world)

Help me Raz!!! I have fallen and I can't get up

MORG(theres a tear in my beer)

Oh Ya well my dad can beat up your dad.

I would not advocate shorting anyones sheets. it leads to cold feet and hurt feelings. OOOHHHHH the HUMANITY!!!

I think I wet myself

My MAMMA saw this post and called me and told me that I can go blind doin that.


MORG(will never sell my Freedoms for a block of cheese)

I think I wet myself. Damn this small bladder.

This 500 million is only a loan and QCOM has promised to pay me back early 2001.

OUCH!!! right in the buttocks oh my it is a dart of some type. Damn It must have been Jorma. Crap I am getting sleepy. I-I-I am having trouble focusing. I feel numb and I don't have any GSM antidote solution....ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

A sphincter says what???

LOL!! Lets just say that I may be a little light in the old wranglers. Ya know the man is no longer packin heat.... MORG(would sell own mom for more QCOM)

MORG(Ex ninja now turned physco QCOM investor)


I take a Shirley temple on the rocks!!! What!! Don't laugh I am secure in my Morghood.

MORG(Hard line conservative patriot who loves mom and country so there)Oh ya and I ate a whole apple pie today.

Now I am off to the casino to spend some profits with the wife. Come on Red...crap black again... Roulette is my game but I am much better at stocks.

MORG(snaptrack enabled cdma bionic gallbladder man)

Just a little tid bit to tempt the tummy. Come to daddy!! Better yet WHOES YOUR DADDY!!!

(Wako concervative QCOM addict with no intention of changin)

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