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Okay, I know I should just keep my silliness isolated to this board. I posted this on the Microsoft Board ( and got ignored, with the notable exception of MyronASAP who loved it and thought I must be a twin of MichaelRead. Of course there was filcro, who thought it was a sure sign of penis envy.

In any case, Here's a "New Product".


Consider for a moment the ideal computer product for your home and office. Sure, we've all heard about new crossover devices that are part computer, part entertainment system, but they all seem to come up short of the already useful products that they claim to replace. Don't you think that if any product really did what these products claim to do, then everyone would have one.

Now imagine the ideal shape of such a product. Are you thinking a regular polyhedron? Perhaps a Dodecahedron?

Introducing The Dodeca-Pod ™, or as the kids will likely call it, The D-Pod ™

The D-Pod ™ is ideal for those who want to think outside the regular hexahedron that is yesterday's technology. The D-Pod ™ allows you to do your work more efficiently, provide entertainment, give you new hobbies, eliminate needless social interactions and in general make your life simpler.

Like six-sided devices that are available at retail, the D-Pod ™ will allow you to play games, watch movies, connect to the internet where you can chat and email your friends, and have amazing applications that will speed up your work habits.

But the Dodeca-Pod ™ has one thing that those primitive six-sided devices will never have: 12 sides.

The D-Pod ™ is your home computer, your DVD player, your internet connection, your game console, your telephone answering machine, your digital video recorder, your security system and so much more. The D-Pod ™ puts you in control by letting you set preferences so that you only see things you want to see, hear things that you want to hear, and do things that you want to do.

In fact, The D-Pod ™ includes a special applications suite that eliminates the need for you to answer the phone. You could simply instruct The D-Pod ™ to see who was calling for you and determine if that person has anything relevant to say. Then The D-Pod ™ tells the caller that you are simply not interested and that they should not call you back.

Once everyone gets one, The D-Pod ™ eliminates the need for telephones altogether. If you have something to tell someone, The D-Pod ™ can determine that based on a set of input parameters and send a message to the other person's D-Pod ™, which, in turn, will determine if your message was relevant to that D-Pod ™ owner. Just imagine all the time we would save by eliminating human interaction completely.

One accessory that is soon to be released is the Brain Attached Device Idea. With this accessory, The D-Pod ™ can store and retrieve information directly to and from your brain without you ever having to think the thoughts in the first place. Just think, you will be able to continue playing the latest game, People Killer 4, without ever knowing that you just finished your analysis of this month's sales in North America.

Your boss will thank you, and you'll be thanking The D-Pod ™.

So what would you think an amazing product like this would cost? Well, for just $99.95 per month you can have your D-Pod ™ up and operational in no time. For an additional $49.95 per month, you can get your D-Pod ™ connected directly to the internet with Broadband service. And then you can say good-bye to all those annoying telemarketers because you can just get rid of your telephone.

And if you act within the next 24 hours, The D-Pod ™ will include a special software application that not only filters out all opinions that you don't agree with, but will also formulate opinions and ideas so that you don't have to.

Go ahead and get one for everyone in the family. Once you have a D-Pod ™ in every room of the house, you'll greatly reduce the risk of domestic interaction.

Get your D-Pod ™ today before we make you get one.

Chris McAdams – Jester (Beware the Ides of April!)
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