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Normally I just ignore all your posts and the attention you seem to crave that they sometimes create. But tonight on the "Best of" board, I happened to catch Bogey's response to your post. Unfortunately I then read your original message...

We're a spit away from war, the Supremes are reviewing cases that could roll us back to 1950, terrorists are using surface-to-air missles against commercial aircraft--and these are "hot topics"?

Hot Topics - eBay Ripoffs
Also, Surviving Unemployment...


Snooze on, Fool!

jps, ashamed to be here

As the author of that second feature, bolded above, which can be found here:

and here:

and as well as in your email inbox from the most recent issue of, how you sarcastically put it, "hot topics"...

I'd just like to say that even though my bank account isn't exactly overflowing with cash at the moment, I will be more than glad to purchase for you a one-way ticket to a really warm, miserable place found deep down below, which just happens to rhyme with the word "shell."

Yeah, believe it or not, I admit that I put quite a bit of time and effort into my post on surviving unemployment. I thought it was necessary to do so, because you know what? Despite my semi-cheerful and positive tone of my words, being unemployed for more than a year (or even any length of time) -- as anybody who has experienced that will be more than glad to tell you -- really really really sucks, when you boil it all down. And if somebody wanted to share something to possibly help make that lousy experience even just a bit more bearable for others, should it happen to them or a loved one or whatever, well, last I knew it's a free country. Apparently at least a few score of Fools thought there was something worthy in my post. Myself included, which was why I wrote it in the first place. Especially considering this IS primarily a financial website, motley as it may be. Believe it or not, trying to be helpful to people whom somebody will never meet face-to-face, by giving advice and sharing wisdom and experience and showing empathy, is actually a pretty cool thing for those giving and receiving.

I'm just taking a "wild guess" here, but the economy has really sucked for a few years now and a lot of people have lost their life savings along with their jobs and can't find a new one and are subsequently & consequently losing their cars and their homes, which is probably putting a lot of strain on friendships and relationships and families and marriages and I bet even some of those marriages are now divorces, complete with scared and confused young children caught in the middle. Ever hear of people committing crimes against their fellow citizens because of financial hardship? How about people committing suicide? I know I've certainly heard, and unfortunately will continue to do so. I could go on and on, but I hope you get the picture.

You might want to try wiping the crusty snot from your eyes and look around you. This sort of stuff has been affecting a LOT of people across the country (and even across its borders) for a WHILE now. It's happening, man. And it's REAL. For far too many people. Every single day. You want to talk about the potential for war and the occasional surface-to-air missle hitting commercial aircraft and whatever. Fine. Nobody is stopping you. But when you start stating that the subject matter from the previous paragraph is trivial, that it's not all that important to people, that it's not "hot" enough, then I gotta speak up. Seriously, dude... if you're not a doppel or something just goofing around, then what in the world is wrong with you? Furthermore, have you ever heard of this thing called "probabilities"? Let me ask you, rhetorically: Does the average person have a better chance of being sent to war, getting blown up while flying to Grandma's house for the holidays... or losing their job -- even just ONCE in their lifetime -- which can easily trigger a rapid downward spiral of misery? I'll give you a hint: When the time comes, try to be nice to the people who work down at your local unemployment office.

Hey, you still want "hot"? That one-way ticket can be all yours, baby.

-markoose, ashamed of having to write such responses
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