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I'm not 1poorguy but this creationist link is so asinine that I just have to respond. I will deal only with Table2, which lists "Predictions of Design" and is the central issue as to whether ID can be considered legitimate science. Let me first state a misunderstanding exhibited by the Discovery Institute and apparently bdhinton who provided this link. The predictions that matter are "necessary predictions", which means predictions that must be true for the hypothesis to be true. For example, foundational to evolutionary theory is common descent, which means that current living organisms have a common ancestor. A necessary prediction of common descent is that all living organisms share a common genetic code. If this is falsified, then common descent is falsified and evolution is falsified. As you will see, the ID predictions are not of this type. They are what could happen if ID is true, not what must happen. Here are the 4 predictions:

(1) Natural structures will be found that contain many parts arranged in intricate patterns that perform a specific function (e.g. complex and specified information).
(2) Forms containing large amounts of novel information will appear in the fossil record suddenly and without similar precursors.
(3) Convergence will occur routinely. That is, genes and other functional parts will be re-used in different and unrelated organisms.
(4) Much so-called “junk DNA” will turn out to perform valuable functions.

Here is the critical question: If any of these four predictions are false, would that falsify the premise of an Intelligent Designer? I can certainly imaging an intelligent designer existing with all four predictions failing, which means that IDism cannot be falsified.

To emphasize the point I will make parallel predictions for my hypothesis that Evil Demons cause disease (known as ED for Evil Demon theory).

(1) Natural illnesses will be found that have many symptoms occurring in intricate patterns that cause specific distress to the victim (e.g. complex and specified information).
(2) Illnesses with novel symptoms will appear in the historical record suddenly and without similar precursors (e.g. black death, Aids, Ebola).
(3) Convergence will occur routinely. That is, disease symptoms will be re-used in different illnesses affecting unrelated organisms.
(4) Much so-called “junk DNA” will turn out to perform valuable functions.

Based on Discovery Institute criteria, ED is just as "scientific" as ID. In other words, neither qualify as science.
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