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Alethea got this idea from another support group: buy a ring to remind you of the children you've lost prenatally. So we have a ring on order with Caleb's birthstone and Alethea can't wait for it to be finished. We didn't skimp on it, either--after all, we would have spent a lot more on him had he lived. Alethea met last night a lady from out of state, friend of a friend, who has a ring with six diamonds around a birthstone for her four tubals, two m/cs and adopted daughter. She said the ring is very meaningful and comforting to her. So with two recomendations I thought I share this idea with you all.

It was really good for Alethea to talk to someone who could relate to her feelings, for practically the first time face-to-face since Caleb was born. She had had a rough coule days but seems to perk up after the conversation.

Alethea wants to explore volunteering at the hospital where Caleb was born to be on call to come visit other couples who are having a stillbirth. She says that would have been really helpful for her since the nursing staff wasn't really trained in that way and she really had no idea what to expect emotionally (although other women could tell her what to expect physically). It's been less than five months since Caleb was born and already she's wanting to use the experince to help other people. I'm so proud of her!

- Joe
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Your wife is so cool. :) Doesn't it feel great to know that you were smart enough to pick her?

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