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Ok so I think I need antibiotics.

Last night I'm texting back and forth with my doctor and based on what I said he feels I need it too.

But he wants to examine me before prescribing so he told me to be in around 9:15-9:30 this morning. He usually doesn't do office visits for obvious things, so I am certain this ia a s

Sneaky way for me to go there, and get lectured not to put off my blood-draw for the yearly checkup.

Usually between 8-9am I get lovely quiet time and I watch 2 episodes of Leave it to Beaver.

But now I have to shower and shave and drive 6 minutes to the doctors.


But later I'm going to have a curbside cheesesteak and fries, with a lovely fountain Pepsi.

*Slight* chance - sex in the woods at a public park I scoped out. With a real woman too. Sort of a conquest "I did it" thing.

But, just the cheesesteak alone I will consider it to be break-even for the day.

Too much stress. Doctor screwed up my morning.

Best to You People. Try not to shoot any traffic violators or each other.

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Early appointment, smart move, makes that fasting thing tolerable. You'll find that some Medicare intern is doing a study on HEP-B and HIV, so they are going to want an extra vial or two for statistical significance. Got my results last week, I passed yippee!, I expect to get my trophy in the mail.
I much prefer dentists over doctors, go to the dentist and they fix the problem, doctors on the other hand, is hit and miss, plus they always find something else wrong with you. I have a wife for that but she gave up once she diagnosed selective deafness.

Best of luck with the park thing, take a blanket. I'm going to the park too, doggie needs to hunt for small furry things and exercise the wildfowl population. So if you get a cold sensation between your exposed cheeks, its only puppy saying hello as she checks out your license and registration. She learnt a lesson last trip: don't mess with the turkey vultures, they are not easily intimidated while eating dinner.
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Thanks for sharing.

This was more digestive related but he gave me the prescription and I was on my merry way.

I put off dentist stuff waaaaaaaay too long. But when I retired a few months ago, I figured to go to dentist and face the music, and it's been a saga that'll last 90 days. Dammit I'm now learning not to put off medical stuff.

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