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Thought you'd catch me napping, I suppose, but when I read, on p. 88, "It is the very model of a modern metal structural", I nearly fell out of my chair laughing.

It takes a Fool to parody the parodists like that. I always enjoy your writing (both of you). The Shakespear quotes alone make the book worth reading.

Fool on, guys.

Dave Henderson
aka St. Enoch
aka Cyrano

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St. Enoch,

Thanks so much for your kind note! Glad you've enjoyed David and Tom's writing. You can imagine my own delight and excitement about the book when I began to see David and Tom's initial drafts.

The Shakespeare quotes (and the Henry V metaphor) were inspired ideas on David and Tom's part. We have our own Melissa Flaim to thank for a lot of the ground work--combing through all the Henry plays as David and Tom were writing and feeding them an array of a propos choices. It's very gratifying to have such an appreciative audience.

Fool on!

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