No. of Recommendations: 229
#1- Someone just came home from their last day of work and has successfully retired early!

#2- Someone at Living Below Your Means just saved 25 cents by buying a used toothbrush at a second hand shop!

#3- Someone from the AMD board just responded to something he saw on the INTC board. His buddies go over to the INTC board and rec the post onto the "Best Of". (Or vice versa)

#4- Someone just got their Gold Star on Gimme My Stars!

#5- Someone just posted their weekly screen (that nobody else on any other board can understand or hope to care about)on Mechanical Investing!

#6- Someone on NADA just said something very witty about Conservatives!

#7- Uh oh! Someone on Political Asylum saw it on the "Best Of" and has something to say about it!

#8- Someone on the Rambus board just posted a very interesting article about Rambus!

#9- Today is someone's One Year Anniversary of quitting smoking!

#10- Someone's got a new pet and it's really cute!

#11- Someone from the Nokia board just found another inconsistency in a post written Mycroft last year!

#12- Someone just responded that they should leave Mycroft alone and ends the post with "PLEASE COME BACK MYCROFT!"

#13- Someone on the board of your choice just complained that everyone should just ignore the troll of the week because things have totally gotten out of hand!

#14- A big milestone has just been reached at Gimme My Recs and post number 50000 gets enough recs to make it to the "Best Of"!

#15- Someone is officially free of their credit card debts!

#16- Someone asks everyone on the board to rec their post so they can see just how many people there are!

#17- Someone on Humor and Urban Legends posts something that they got in their e-mail. Amazingly enough, there are actually people who have never gotten this joke sent to THEIR e-mail account! Even better, there are enough of these people that the post gets enough recs to make it onto the "Best Of!"

#18- Someone on the Atheist Fools board responds to someone who came over from the Christian Fools board in the hopes of helping them "see the light!"

#19- Someone from the Iomega board posts something (anything really)!

#20- Someone from a board whose stock was once owned by either the Rule Maker or Rule Breaker portfolios complain that the portfolio managers are a bunch of scared sissies for selling at the low and that their reasons for selling are weak, at best!

#21- Someone from the Amazon board challenges David Gardner to show up and either try to argue why Amazon is still a great investment, or apologize and admit that he was wrong!

#22- Someone from the Berkshire Hathaway board says "Who's Laughing Now?" to some guy who hasn't posted in a year and a half and isn't coming back!

#23- Someone just had their post pulled for no apparent reason and is VERY PO'd about TMF censorship!

#24- The head of Mechanical Investing board lets everyone know that he'll be away for a few days but will try to have the new screens up as soon as possible!

#25- Someone posts to Improve the Fool to complain that Gimme My Recs is responsible for the demise of the "Best Of!"

Which one(s) did YOU rec? ;-)

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