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We love to use words that are meaningless, words without content, words that allow us to deny reality, words that are completely useless in our lives. To use these words without reluctance, we will set aside the most relevant facts we, without any doubt, know.

We love to summon up our achievements, achievements due to democracy and capitalism. Achievements like Greenspan recently uttered in his Bundesbank lecture on the January 13. Greater longevity, a universal system of education, vastly improved conditions of work and the ability to enhance our environment by setting aside natural resources rather than having to employ them to sustain a minimum level of subsistence. And all this leads to a greater civility.

Others criticize capitalism and without any doubt the counter arguments are valid.

None of these views seem to be able to get out of the present time spirit. None seems to be able to place events in the Stream of Time or put it in the context of the very long evolution of humanity.

I tried to emphasize that Capitalism has been the only long term issue in modern times. All was a tool for its purposes. When time had come so was democracy.

Democracy is a contradictio in terminus with the very nature of men, while Capitalism is the very nature of men. Capitalism is the expression of his greed and selfishness. Money is the symbol of it and we could say that the “invisible hand”, so misunderstood by Smith, does exist.

Since the existence of (pseudo)democracy and (pseudo)liberty we entered a new era. The era of illusion and deceit! The biggest danger is that very few see it.

The achievements cited by Greenspan are generational achievements and were only possible by taking a big advance on future wealth. The burden of the environmental damage, the burden of the damage we imposed on our food chain, the burden of the present budget deficits and even more important the denial of future expenses, the collision of cultures and the globalized anger about all the manipulations, imbalances and atrocities committed by those glorious democracies, the necessary redistribution of income and wealth that must be accompanied with a drawback in the Western hemisphere (ongoing), and so on, are simply ignored.
Has Greenspan ever looked beyond his own lifetime?

The wealthy often praise only themselves for what they have achieved. The West praises itself for its luxurious life style and promotes its values for it are the values that allowed it to achieve the life style. Here too we find the source of our success by ourselves.
Success is the ultimate moral justification. Once again we will not look further than our generation.

Education is the way out. Where will we find the teachers in this world and how will they ever escape the existing reality. We must introduce democracy before people are educated but it won't work until they're educated properly, or the chicken and the egg question. Who will be the founding father of a new ethic?

Some will say I have a fatalistic vision. There seems no way out. That is exactly what I tried to proof.

In the article on Hamilton's Manifesto for Misery, Norton makes the same mistake. He accepts that the present time is a reference for the future and denies the long term evolution of humanity. The constant growth must in time reveal huge problems. Imagine that six billion humans all drive a car and consume as much as we do. How long will dear mother earth last? Has Norton once mentioned the problems we face? No, he has not. He simply assumes that it is an ever lasting process.

Others will claim that man has always found a solution and that he will muddle through this time too. I ask whether we have ever faced the problems we are facing now? In history we have always faced natural problems (natural catastrophes) or human relation problems (wars, revolutions). Never in our history did we face the environmental consequence we face now, never have we known the huge deficits and huge future burdens we face now combined with the fact that we never had taxes so high as in our (pseudo)democracies. Yes treasuries were often broke in the past but due to war and corruption, not to keep a democracy alive.

Man NEEDS tyranny to save him from this great democratic adventure.
There's no doubt in my mind that what man wants, he will get. Does anyone else have the gut to look beyond his lifetime?


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<<Man NEEDS tyranny to save him from this great democratic adventure.>>

Nope. What we need is MUCH more anarchy. The "government" (sic)
has become too efficient, and the corporations far too
powerful. And the refusal by CBS to allow paid advertisements
by during the Super Bowl illustrates the
nature of the problem: control of information flow (in the
statistical sense, i.e. the majority of the people will
not receive accurate information in time to act on it
no matter how much money the opposition comes up with.)
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"Nope. What we need is MUCH more anarchy. "

I'm all with you here, but that is what WE need, not what MAN needs.
Let's keep up the anarchy then the tyran will come quicker.

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I'm all with you here, but that is what WE need, not what MAN needs.
Let's keep up the anarchy then the tyran will come quicker.

We already have a tyranny in place. Okay -- it's tyranny by committee, but all tyranny is, when you get right down to it. Even Hitler didn't work alone.

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