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$100B Buyback, plus Dividend boost...
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I have to wonder whether all the analysts who downgraded AAPL or pundits who prognosticated doom and gloom subsequently bought AAPL after the stock was depressed, recently. Surely there's some SEC rule against such a thing, at least on analysts' part?

I'm glad I didn't sell prior to news on the expectation of a sell-on-news decline, but at the same time, I rode through the downgrades and subsequent declines in AAPL. You'd think, by now, I'd have learned from the pattern of downgrades and public hand-wringing followed by Apple-beats -- but yes, past performance doesn't predict blah blah blah, and sell-on-news really does happen often enough to be real.

Retrospect is a good backup program, but "in retrospect" doesn't help with investments...

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We've seen so many quarters, years of Apple bashing, only to see the reality surprise 'em all, over and over. In the end I pretty much ignore the whole mess, bought in ages ago rode it into the deep dark dips of those early days, delighted in its rising up form those dips.. Today, was a little change in that it didn't dive on the good news.

Buy n Hold, seems to work here..

However, way back, I bought a ton of LU, my employer at the time, saw more work than we could handle, but in the end, rode that puppy to near zero.. Many hours of OT went down that drain... Just sold the last of what it became, Nokia, have losses to claim for decades, more decades than I have, most likely! :)

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