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Boy, do I hate watching this gob dang clash of the titans between Apple and Qualcomm. Obviously, as a shareholder of both (in addition to Intel) - in some shape or form I have to keep telling myself that I will be okay as an investor. But this sucking war - or brutal capitalism - is playing out in front of us to the point that it really ticks me off for the element of playground antics involved. Playground antics that result in a lot of money for investors.

I should go dig out my Gorilla Game book to read the negative aspects of two gorillas battling it out, but my memory is that the end result is never, ever very pretty. And thus far, Qualcomm has suffered the most for obvious reasons.

Is it coincidence that the day before Qualcomm is set to release their quarterly earnings, Apple plants the seed in the media that they may look elsewhere for chips in their devices? Oh, not that the past year has been a bouquet of roses for Qualcomm, but today's drop hurt severely.

Tim Cookie, if I could reach out and shake some sense in to you I would do it. Daily. Weekly. Monthly. Annually. Stevie Mollenkopf, if I could do the same to you, I would. Shake and bake for both of you.

In fact, consider yourselves shaken - but not stirred or deserving of an olive. Consumers and investors deserve better from both of you as products would be better, and there is plenty of pie for everyone to have a slice.

Okay, my rant for tonight is over and my version of investor Utopia most likely will not be the end result in this one. For us old Gorilla Gamers, how G.D. puking ironic is it that an alliance between Apple and Intel may be the end result?

As an investor, I want it all to work out. On a personal note, I'd prefer to see Cook and Mollenkopf both spanked really, really hard by our justice system, and hung out to dry. Then I'd like to see Google Android/Samsung win it all just to spite the playground antics from Apple and Qualcomm.

This, coming from an Apple user since 1985, and a complete iPhone family of 4.

Yours truly,

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