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There is so much more I want to know about him. I know he was the Poet Laureate at the time of President Kennedy's Inauguration - that he was a very old man by then. But did he write "The Fear of God" at that time?

If you should rise up from Nowhere to Somewhere,
From being No one up to being Someone,
Be sure to keep repeating to yourself
You owe it to an arbitrary god
Whose mercy to you rather than to others
Won't bear too critical examination,
Stay unassuming. If for lack of license
To wear the uniform of who you are,
You should be tempted to make up for it
In a subordinating look or tone,
Beware of coming too much to the surface
And using for apparel what was meant
To be the curtain of the inmost soul.

(Can we put this poem on the list, IFW?)
P.S. have started my taxes! - this club is such a nice breather.
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No. of Recommendations: 0
The Fear of God was published in 1947.

Sure we can include it. I'm getting ready to post my initial list. I'll include it on it. We can start from there. I encourage anyone who wants to add their own favorites to do so.

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