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which was dropped from DirecTV

OAN's business model is to provide news content for people who think Fox News is a left-wing outlet and don't want to watch its socialist propaganda. OAN's anchors lie constantly, especially about the 2020 election. It also broadcasts conspiracy theories about the coronavirus all the time. The station is one of Donald Trump's favorites and he often praises its coverage of him. It is owned by Herring Networks, which is a company set up and run by the right-wing Herring family in San Diego....

Without its major source of income, OAN is not likely to last long, unless it can find a new source of revenue almost instantly. A new carriage deal is not likely, but it's at least possible that some right-wing tycoon could step in and subsidize the channel, as with The Federalist (Richard Uihlein), The Daily Wire (Farris Wilks), or Breitbart (Robert Mercer). Of course, a TV channel is a bit more expensive to keep going than a website is. If you are interested in the background on the Herrings, OAN, how it got started, and AT&T's role in fostering it, Reuters has published a detailed investigative report on the subject.
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Don't the fascists who fund these networks understand that in the end they will just blow the system up in such a way that no one wins?
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