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Thanks for the reply ozjewels.

You've pretty well summed up all that I know. Unfortunately there's not any more I can add, if I find out more I'll certainly post it on the board.

I haven't been able to find out any real hard core info, especially in regard to the rollout progress - ie; when will services be available ? This sort of stuff will help the price along.

I'm a tad confused when you say there's no competion at present, don't Telstra & Optus already offer speedier services than the standard 56 kps(?) most of us are on ? If that's the case how attractive an investment would access 1 be ?

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Telstra and Optus certainly are competition as is i believe Fibertel and Powertel.

To the best of my knowledge Access were to to wire the Eastern seaboard (fibre-optics). Powertel I believe has probably got the drop on them here.

I know Access have been awarded a contract for the Olympic Games. I have been trying to access (no pun intended) the information regarding that but the website is done at present (Sanfords). When I get it I will post it for you.

Fibertel may be another one to look at. They have wired 60 buildings in Perth. Also have wired Adelaide and rolled out cable to Darwin. They have announced a fibre optic link to be rolled out from Perth to Melbourne. I believe this makes them a potential takeover candidate for either Telstra, Optus, and Powertel, with Powertel maybe the one most interested as it will give them a more comprehensive network.

Fibertel has moved up in price from around 1.60 to a high of 3.90 on the back of the melbourne-perth announcement and a fair amount of institutional interest from a promo tour in Europe. Currently it is back trading around 2.80 I believe

I believe they will do a US Tour in a few weeks.

I am a member of an investment club who hold both Fibertel and Access shares.

Just remember to do your own research before making any decisions. As soon as I get the Access information I will send it to you

Hope this is of help


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Here it is. Hope it is of help


Company Announcement

Signing of MOU with Pacific Internet


HOMEX - Perth



The directors of Accessl are pleased to announce the signing of a
Memorandum of Understanding with NASDAQ-listed Pacific Internet for
the provision of internet connectivity to Accessl customers. The
agreement is another key milestone in Access1's commitment to
delivering high speed internet access and rich broadband content to
all Australians at an affordable price.

Under the agreement Pacific Internet will provide the forward
connection link between Accessl customers and the Internet. The
return path of information from the Internet will be delivered via
Accessl's broadband satellite service.

Access1 Managing Director, Tony Brennan, explains "This is a another
milestone in our development, Pacific Internet is well recognised as
a high quality Internet access provider with a strong and growing
presence across Australia. With this partnership we have laid a solid
foundation for our service rollout in metropolitan and rural areas."

"Accessl is committed to delivering inexpensive high-speed Internet
access and rich interactive multimedia content direct to PCs."

In mid-March Accessl announced an alliance with i7, the Internet arm
of Seven Network, to deliver Pay TV coverage of The Sydney 2000
Olympics direct to PCs in full broadcast quality. This ground
breaking achievement is the first time the Olympics will be delivered
direct to PCs in a true broadband fashion. Additionally Accessl will
carry the specialist sports channel C7, bringing amongst other things
all AFL coverage direct to PCs around Australia in TV quality vision.
To bond this alliance i7 will become a significant shareholder in
Accessl with a placement of 5 million shares and 2 million options.


Access1 also announced today that it had chosen Yahoo to provide the
search engine for the Accessl broadband portal, highlighting the
importance Access1 places on providing a superior Internet service
for subscribers.

As a Multimedia Services Provider, Access1 is developing new
transmission networks to deliver next generation services to
individuals and organisations across Australia and New Zealand.
Access1 uses satellite-based IP technology to provide broadband
delivery of multimedia services including high speed Internet and
full-screen TV quality channels broadcast directly to PCs across

A variety of content will be delivered directly to the PCs of Accessl
subscribers in full broadcast quality including:

* 3 Sydney 2000 Olympics channels

* C7 sports channel

* Investor channel

* Training and Seminar channel

* Youth and Music channel

* Latest Release Music channel

* Special Events channel

Pacific Internet Managing Director, Peter Knox, said "We look forward
to partnering with Accessl and helping to deliver high-speed Internet
and broadband satellite Services across Australia. This is an
exciting development, which puts Pacific Internet at the forefront of
broadband Service delivery."

Listed on NASDAQ (NASDAQ: PCNTF), Pacific Internet is the largest
Internet Service Provider with a presence across the entire Asia
Pacific region. Launching operations in Australia from July 28th
1999, Pacific Internet offers Internet access for the consumer and
corporate market with a strong focus toward superior customer service
and speedy connection. With its professional customer-oriented
service and fast and easy access to the Internet, Australian surfers
finally have the opportunity to connect to a quality ISP that offers
friendly sign-up options, round-the-clock support and high-speed

D Spence

For further information:

visit or phone our visit or
Managing Director, Tony Brennan on phone Managing Director
08 9486 8033 Peter Knox on 03 9674 7501

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Thanks Steve

Their pedigree as far as management goes seems good, given previous effort with Ozemail.

I guess my main query still revolves around how much competition there is and if they're ahead of the pack.

I'm still a novice investor and have heaps to learn - your advice to do your own research before investing is certainly sound. Also then in the end you can only blame yourself !!

Where is the best place to get research info ??

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Thanks yet again Steve

Our previous messages 'crossed'. I hadn't read this one when I wrote 1282. Their content could be the killer.

gotta go, the pies vs the swans is on the teev soon.

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