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According to the board's founder, rosebear, here's what this place is for: I want this to be a totally Off Topic board without a theme. A place to chat, or share news, post pics, whatever. I only ask that we don't talk politics, ever. There is a place for that. No flames either.

So let's see. News of mine: My dad and sister are leaving to go back to Wisconsin today. We had a nice visit. As always, the yard is in far better shape than before dad got here, and the house is somewhat better too. Also, I'm working on giving some stock to a community fund that my husband and I set up. This will eventually require visiting a Fidelity branch, since they require a signature medallion for the transfer. And last bit of news, today is day 4 of my Level 2 nutrition certification class. It's 50 weeks long, so I have a long way to go. I have three whole clients to practice on. It's hard, but fun.

ThyPeace, the only flames I want to see are the crackling flames of a nice fire in a fireplace or fire pit.
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I miss rosebear.

AC *sigh*
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So... where did she go? I see that her last post was not a goodbye-forever sort of thing, but didn't search further than that.

ThyPeace, more than 50,000 posts made her a significant influence on the place.
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