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After some talking, I've discovered that she feels it's unfair that she always feels guilty when she goes out and does fun stuff without the family, but I don't feel guilty when I do it(this, of course, is my fault).

Ah, yes. The "Fun Points" method of keeping track of who is the most burdened parent-of-young-children. Couples iterate any activities that are not directly related to child raising, then compare. For example:

Change a diaper: 0 points.
Change the oil: 5 points.
Change the channel: 10 points.
Change seats in a movie theater to get a better view of the R-rated actionfest: 50 points

Drive a car to get formula at one-thirty in the morning: 0 points.
Drive a nail into a block of wood to make a bookshelf: 5 points.
Drive a golf ball: 10 points.
Drive a truck through mud to reach your buddy's cousin's dad's acreage for a weekend of duck hunting: 100 points.

Location of activities earning Fun Points adds a Multiplier Effect. For example, drinking a beer earns 5 points. Drinking a beer at home while ironing or painting a nursery multiplies the points by 0.75. Drinking a beer at an office party at which you are expected to attend: multiply by 2. Drinking a beer with unmarried friends who you used to spend time with before you were married: multiply by 10.

Your Emotional Response to Fun Point activities allows for Readjustment of the Fun Point score, said Readjustment only to be made by the offended party. So, say, attend a weekend-long marathon of business meetings with zero time for any sightseeing; Fun Points: 25. Attend same business weekend, but spend one evening with coworkers drinking exotic drinks in piano bars, but you hated every moment of it and only wanted to get back to your room to sleep: Fun Points Readjustment: -5 points. Attend business weekend, same piano bar, and come back gushing about great time you had; Fun Points Readjustment: +25 points. Note: catching your partner in lying about Emotional Response in an effort to lower the Fun Point Readjustment allows you to set your overall score back to zero.

Add up your total points. Whoever has the lowest score wins and gets to feel taken advantage of. The loser will deny the winner sex for a period of time in direct proportion to the gap between the two Fun Points scores. The game lasts until the children are, in extreme cases, putting their own children through college, although periodic "Score Checks" can be called at any time by the person who suspects the other party may have surged ahead in score. The very act of calling a "Score Check," regardless of the outcome, reduces your own score by 40 points.

I heard of one couple who had both been actively involved in taking care of their first child, then a one-year old. At the first "adults only" party either one had attended since the child's birth, the couple was mingling and talking with friends. The husband was telling a friend about a book he had just finished reading when his wife froze the moment with a shocked stare and uttered, "You read a book? When?" (Official ruling: Calling of Score Check: -40 points for her. Reading a book: +5 points for him. Reading a book outside the home (since she obviously didn't know about it): Multiplier Effect of 2: +10 points for him. Enjoying the book (since he was happily chatting about it): Readjustment: +15 points for him. Overall score: for her, minus 40 points. For him, 5 points times 2 + 15 equals 25 points, totalling an increase of 65 points for him. Wife can deny sex for a period of up to, but no more than, six days, barring expensive gifts of jewelry and chocolate.)
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