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I'll say one thing for Reagan. He really tried to end Ag subsidies. His effort resulted in the Republicans getting wiped out in the tractor states in the next mid-term. That was the last time the Republicans showed any guts on the Ag front. Even Eisenhower, in his Farewell Address warned of the power of the Ag lobby.

We had the Freedom to Farm Act under Clinton. Farmers are always crying about government "interference" in their operations. That's becuse government guarantees the bottom on their prices. What farmers want is to be able to plant anything to take advantage of good markets while letting the taxpayers absorb the downside risk. Nice work if you can get it, and big corporations liek that kind of work. The Freedom to Farm Act said go head and plant what you want, but the government will NOT guarantee the markets. It was one of those Acts where the business end came in the last year. Guess what happened when the time came. The Republicans pushed through, with Democratic support, same-o same-o.

So it's nice to see the comraderie of Democrats and Republicans as they pass another fat, pork laden, Farm Bill. No wonder those tractor country folks are so gung-ho red white and blue. No hypocisy down on the farm, is there? Everybody is just a freedom lovin, boot strappin'
Randian disciple.

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Yes, the Ag bill is always a disgrace. Supported many times by constituents that are always fooled by the demise of the poor farmers. This country has so many socialist tendencies it's enough to make the Europeans envious. Farmers, defense, health care, the new Green peeps, and so many other highly lobbied interests.

It's getting to the point where we'll have the worst of everything while paying the most. (more like mediocre and average).

Our agricultural industry today is a good example of greed and graft. The alternative energy industry has become the new progressive agenda for a more expensive, and very inefficient society. The irony of this all, many of these things would not even be possible if not for the huge growth in our existing energy industry. Fracking, more oil, less dependence, more jobs, etc...

Program by program, this country has to be rebuilt from scratch. By that I don;t mean eliminating agencies willy nilly. I mean a real, comprehensive look under the hood at this corrupted society. We need both a President and a Congress with ball$$ to do that. We have neither today.
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