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I'm a new poster to this board. I've been lurking around and have picked up on alot of the inside jokes and outrageous puns. But I have a glorious tale of revenge. Warning long post!

Up until February I was working at a local newspaper as a copy editor, graphic artist, layout artist and wrote a weekly feature about expensive on-the-market homes in town. My boss was a total (insert offensive language here). She would hound all of the employess and make their lives a living hell - she yells at them while they are on business calls and degrades and humiliates everyone at every chance. I finally escaped!!! And made $1,200 in the process without even asking for it or expecting it. My letter of resignation will explain it all.

To: boss1, boss2, boss3, boss4, boss5(yes I had 5 bosses)

I hereby tender my resignation from the (insert name of paper). I will give the customary two weeks notice with my last day being (insert date two weeks later). Upon this date all of my activities for this company will cease, including all work for the Editorial, Classified and Oil Report Departments. I am leaving because of the hostile work enviornment created by the habitual degrading and debasing of many of the employees, including me, by management of the newsroom.
This morning I received a severe tongue-lashing over a number of incorrect datelines that were missed by all 5 (now I know it was 7) people who proofed the (insert special section here). I was called to come back here late last night at 1:30 am to reprint a page that was lost somewhere in the outputting process. The problem with the datelines was not mentioned to me and I asked (certain employee who pastes up pages and called me at 1:30) if there were any other problems with any of the pages, she said no, so I went home. The editor stated (not jsut stated, but yellled so that every one in the building heard her) that all of those who proofed the document needed to "Pull their heads out of their asses." This is only one of many occasions where employees of this department were spoken to or about in such a manner. This is not a professional way of conducting business. This creates a hostile work environment and borders on harassment.
I have wanted to leave since August 1999, but have stayed because I "was needed" to take over the work of employees who have left previously, including (3 employees and six projects.) I also helped in the development of (the teenager page) and have been building the Books page. So I have been doing the work of several people for quite a few months. Not once during any of these additions to my workload have I been offered a raise. The only thing that has been increasing is my workload and the amount of stress I must endure.
In fact, except for the short time after (one employee) left, I have been told to do more work in less time and keep my hours down. On top of this work, I have been on-call seven days a week to build graphics for the news and sports sections. Until two weeks ago, I was working a fairly full shift on the copy desk in addition to everything else.
I also think it is rediculous for me to have to prepare invoices for "freelance work" for each department and being on different pay scales for the same company.
I will not negotiate or be convinced to stay, because this job has been poisonous to my well being. I am seeking other employment at this time.


After I turned in all 5 copies, one of the high-ranking people in the company asked me to meet her in the conference room. She asked me to explain the part about invoices and different pay scales. She told me that what the department heads had done was severely wrong and that several investigations were pending on the content of my notice. She said they would make everything right with me and that she wanted to know how many hours I had actually worked at the other pay scales. Apparently, any work I did for other departments besides editorial was supposed to be paid as overtime - and it wasn't.
She then told me that they would go ahead and pay me for the two weeks notice I gave since the editor was so mad that she wanted me gone immediatly.

That next week I received about $600 for the two weeks, and about $600 in adjusted pay.

A few weeks later I ran into various ex-coworkers at various times. All of them told me that the dept. heads were saying I was fired. I was ticked. My current employer said I could sue them for slander.

So I called that same high ranking person and explained the situation and that I was considering legal action if this did not stop. She called me the next day and said she called a meeting of all of the dept. heads and found out that they were infact lying and telling the "underlings" that I was fired. She said she didn't know why they thought that was a good idea. She confirmed with me that my notice of resignation is on file and that she made it very clear to the dept. heads to change their story.

Fast forward to this week.
I run into a person who is running a business associated with the company who owns the paper. He tells me how sorry he is about the way they treated me and says how horrible that treatment is . He offers me a job for the company he runs that has little to nothing to do with the paper although they are both owned by the same company.

I declined. I already am working a low-stress job working in technical support for a local ISP where I get paid well (although less than at the paper, but its well worth it) and my bosses (who own 17 papers) love me.

So I got the ultimate revenge by dissing all of my bosses, getting praised and paid $1200 for it, escaping that hell-hole, finding a great job where I'm appreciated, getting them in deep doo-doo again for their stupidity, and getting praised again by someone associated with them.

Ahhh... life is great.... me and the fish just sit back and laugh (well, he bubbles, but anyway)

and the fish
(who is laughing so hard his fish tank is foamy)
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