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Not sure anyone still tracks this board, but there was an interesting article in the NYT on the state of AI in poker:

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I found that article to be quite interesting. The rise of game theory optimal (GTO) poker style, informed by AI, has really changed the game. I've read a bit about GTO strategy and started to try to incorporate a little into my home game (currently suspended due to the Omicron wave of Covid).

A large segment of the story focuses on Jason Koon, who talks about being a mediocre player before the AI-informed poker problem solvers came out, but that when they did he dedicated himself to studying and building his game around them, and has since climbed to the top of the profession with ~$60+ million in lifetime winnings (some sizable percentage of those winnings were probably paid out to people who staked him, but still incredible).

From the story:
When I suggested to Koon that it was like endlessly rereading a 10,000-page book in order to keep as much of it in his head as possible, he immediately corrected me: “100,000-page book. The game is so damn hard.”

In fact, the store of data Koon draws on is even larger than that. He rents nearly 200 terabytes of cloud storage for the game trees he has developed since he started working with solvers.

200 terabytes!!!
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