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Arlington Asset Investment Corp (AAIC) until approx 11/01/2020 had the ticker AI. When the change went into effect, it seems Caps made the change as AIC, rather than AAIC as it should be. That error unjustly gave big gains or losses to those that had AI at the time. AIC didn't meet the requirements to be listed on Caps at the time, and still doesn't. AAIC is the company's common stock, and AIC is Arlington Asset Investment Corp. 6.75% SR Notes due 2025. At the time of the change, AAIC's price was ~10% of AIC, and remains near that ratio.

MCLEAN, Va., Oct. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Arlington Asset Investment Corp. (NYSE: AI) (the "Company") announced today that the Company will change its ticker symbol for its Class A common stock on the New York Stock Exchange (the "NYSE") to "AAIC". The Company has notified the NYSE of the ticker symbol change and expects that the Company's Class A common stock will begin trading on the NYSE under the new ticker symbol on October 26, 2020.

I, and others would greatly appreciate any rectification of this issue.
Fool On!
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The TickerSymbol has been changed to NYSE:AAIC from NYSE:AIC.
The Ticker History records have been updated with the correct historical prices.
The Picks on NYSE:AAIC have had their StartPrice adjusted to reflect the price of NYSE:AAIC on the date that the Pick was activated.

The Scores of Open Picks will be adjusted at the next Calc process run.

I appreciate you bringing this up and providing a clean description of the issue.
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Thank you for looking into this and getting the proper symbol and price entered.

One question: Will the prices of ended picks be corrected also? It's crucial to my Cap score due to the ~1150pt loss caused by the change of the closed price.

Thanks again!
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