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Apparently the author must have been paid by the word because this is a very, very long article. But quite good. Focuses on Aldi's successful transformation of the British supermarket business.

Industry profit margins of seven percent (!!!) knocked down to a mere two to three percent.

Competition is a real SOB.

Buffett has nothing on the Albrecht brothers!

In his late 70s, Karl Albrecht bought eight cemetery plots in a graveyard in Essen for himself and his family. Soon after, Theo purchased 14 plots there and, like his brother, left them untended, allowing weeds to grow. The cemetery administrator was compelled to write to the Albrechts, reminding them of their responsibility for maintenance. Finally, an Aldi truck arrived with yew trees, cypresses and rhododendrons – the brothers had been waiting until Aldi had plants on sale.


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